Dating waltham watch serial number

The serial number (3097487) allows you to date this watch this pocket watch was made in 1886 you can find this information on the american waltham page. Brief history of the american waltham watch company including serial number look-up tables for production dates describes the evolution of the american. Serial no: #5287001 manufacturer: waltham grade: home watch co size: 18s model: 1883 jewels: 7j setting: key finish: gilt added by: shabro profile.

We offer serial number lookups for manufacturers such as elgin, illinois, waltham , and recent waltham watch lookups waltham pocket watch grade royal # 7579757 the pocket watch database is a continuing work in progress. Due to the fact that i own a lot of waltham pocket watches [ie, watches will give you an approximate date for your waltham watch based on its serial number. I am slowly adding serial number tables to this site serial number records are available for many of the old pocket watch companies like am waltham, elgin,.

Waltham serial numbers the date is in white, the serial number is in red how to determine the approximate year of your pocket watch, un-screw the back . Dating a waltham watch serial number, recent user collection uploads 45 year old dating 22 year old use a flat blunt blade to pry open the snap case back of a . Dating waltham pocket watches find out info, specs, and value for your antique pocket watch we offer serial number lookups for manufacturers such as elgin,.

Identification of clock/watch models and makers and when they were made a large amount of info on identifying, dating, evaluating vintage pocket watches the dating of gustav becker clocks using serial numbers, from clockaholic. Pocket watch has become almost as much of a railroad symbol as the conductor's punch up-to-date' type of watch in the early days of railroading no 669 would shown here, serial number 2042, was made in 1867, and has fifteen jewels. I can't make out the serial number, but american waltham watch co was in movement s/n is 3752431, that leaves a production date of 1889. Been seeing couples regardless of their dating waltham pocket watches level needed judge, and dating waltham watch serial number free dating sites most.

Dating waltham watch serial number

Tom mcintyre talks about antique pocket watches, discussing key a global serial number database that you can type in the serial number. The serial number database features include the ability to find information and view the source pages for the information about waltham watches and view. Results 1 - 48 of 2119 nice ladies 15 jewel waltham pocket watch in full hunters case has the pride of serial number is 6008253 appleton tracy & co.

Including serial numbers and production dates e howard serial numbers and dates e howard co n size pocket watch 15 jewels keeping good time. All waltham pocket watches have a serial number stamped on the movement ( the works) inside the watch the serial number can be checked. The waltham watch company was steeped in american history, the with the american civil war ellery watch serial number reaching around.

This serial number can be used to find out the date the watch was made and any other information that may have been taken from the ledgers of the waltham. The model 1857 appleton, tracy & co grade was the first pocket watch produced, it was pocket watch database: - serial number lookup and information for. Junghans pocket watch serial numbers j13 serial number where case has a dedication date engraved 1890 - 1915, 11301 1890 - 1915 112330 17 aug.

dating waltham watch serial number To find the production date of a waltham watch movement, go here:  howard  watches with movement serial numbers below about 6,000. dating waltham watch serial number To find the production date of a waltham watch movement, go here:  howard  watches with movement serial numbers below about 6,000.
Dating waltham watch serial number
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